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The Anthem family of companies provides health coverage to 42 million people nationwide.1

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Over 31 million

People have a Medicare Advantage Plan.3

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (Anthem) Medicare Advantage Plans offer more benefits than Original Medicare.


Prescription drug benefits


Dental benefits


Vision benefits


Hearing benefits


Preventative care benefits

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Anthem Medicare Advantage Plans can help limit your Medicare out-of-pocket expenses.

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Do you want more benefits than Original Medicare provides?

Original Medicare (Medicare Parts A and B) provides benefits for hospital and medical care.

But it doesn’t cover certain benefits you may want or need, such as prescription drugs, dental, vision or hearing.

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Anthem Medicare Advantage Plans may provide all these benefits in one convenient plan.

Plans also include an out-of-pocket maximum which can help limit your Medicare costs each year.

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Over 2.4 million people are enrolled in an Anthem Medicare Advantage Plan in 2023.3

Our licensed insurance agents are here to help you navigate your Anthem Medicare Advantage Plan options.

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Low-cost plans

Anthem offers a variety of low-cost and $0 premium plans to fit your budget.2

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Experienced licensed agents

Our licensed agents can help answer your Medicare questions.

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Simple plan comparison

You can review all your Anthem plan options together in one simple step.


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